Monthly Archives: June 2012

Hello, world!


Welcome to my blog, where I plan to write about the movies I see and the books I read.  This is my first post — what a big decision it was to choose a theme: being a child of the 60’s, this colorful one spoke to me, though I don’t know how the raggedy edges will wear.  If you tune in sometime and it looks totally different, that will be the answer.  But, it will still most likely be colorful — life is too short to waste it on beige.

Oddly, it seems to want to be dated June 5, when today is actually August 28.  I guess that is harmless, unless the date is not, well, updated for my next post, which will have actual content.

And, interestingly, my next post is getting dated tomorrow, even though it is definitely still August 28.   I wonder where their servers are located?