“Robot and Frank”


Tonight I went to see “Robot and Frank” — a new movie.  I had seen the promo for this movie but had no idea that Libraries were going to be central to the plot, so that was quite a nice surprise, seeing as I have rather a strong interest and involvement in Libraries.  Simply, the story is about an older guy, played by Frank Langella (how nice, they kept his name for the character…) who is a morosely retired cat burglar.  But, to the rescue comes a home health care robot (yes, it is set in the future, but not apparently too far — they are still working on digitizing all books)!   Frank’s career is reopened and there are some cute scenes, and in the end some decent plot twists. 

I thought it was fun to watch — it wasn’t profound but I expect nobody in the theater was expecting it to be.  I wish Susan Sarandon’s part had given her more scope, but I suppose they were all pretty flat characters.  (Perhaps that is an occupational hazard of characters of the future.)  Except, of course, the robot, who had more personality than some of the humans.  And was a far better housekeeper — wouldn’t I love to have one!

The now-music part of the sound track was very loud, but the Mozart pieces were lovely.  It was shot on location in Westchester County, New York.


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