“2 Days in New York”


I saw this Julie Delpy movie last week, the day after “Jaws” — now there is a contrast for you.  This is a comedy about romance and family — it is a sequel to her “2 Days in Paris” from a few years ago, which I did not see.   But having seen this, I would, if it were to come around again.

Julie Delpy plays the female lead as well as being the director — originally from France, her character now lives in New York City with her boyfriend (played by Chris Rock — he was quite engaging) and their two children, one his and one hers.  The plot turns on a visit from her French family — Delpy’s real-life father playing her character’s father, her odd sister, and her sister’s obnoxious new boyfriend.

It was pretty amusing, though there were some cringe-worthy scenes and lines — still, nothing really offensive, though I guess I wouldn’t take my mother to see it.   I thought it was interesting how putting racist statements in the mouth of a non-American — adding a distance to them? — let one see them from another angle.   Thinking about this now, I would definitely be intrigued to see more of Delpy’s work.

It seems like a remarkable accomplishment to direct and star in one’s own film, and I expect it is even more of an accomplishment for young women?   This particular film was much preferable to the one I saw last year made by another woman who also played the film’s lead character — “The Future” by “Miranda July” (made-up name).   That one was about a couple who were going to adopt a cat, but they didn’t get back there in time, and it was put to sleep.  Well, there was more to it than that, but as I am an animal lover that is what has stayed sharpest with me.  There was unfaithfulness, the  relationship broke up, there was some weird supernatural stuff (stopping time?) going on…Yes, I definitely prefer Julie Delpy as auteur-director-star.


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