“Jaws” — perfect end to summer


I actually saw this movie on Labor Day evening, a time when I am usually not near a movie theater. But this year, I didn’t get away, so it was nice to commemorate the end of the season with a good old classic blockbuster.

There’s not much to say about “Jaws” at this point, I guess — this was my second time seeing it on the big screen, and so I was not surprised by anything the way I was the first time. They did make a point of telling us it was a newly restored film print, not digital — I can’t say that I am enough of a film buff to really notice the difference, but a sizeable portion of the audience was enthusiastic about this.

Robert Shaw played Quint deliciously over the top (I never did see what happened to that tooth he took out — did it go back in? Did he just pitch it?), and Richard Dreyfus was so YOUNG!! Roy Scheider was so miscast, as was his wife — they just didn’t seem to me to belong on a little island. Maybe that was intentional…Anyway, I don’t think we ever saw her again in movies, did we? (Yes, I should have done my research, but I am behind on my movie reporting.)

This just in (from Boston Globe obituary):

Ron Taylor, an Australian marine conservationist who helped film some of the terrifying underwater footage used in the classic shark thriller ‘‘Jaws,’’ has died after a long battle with cancer.  He was 78.

In 1974, director Steven Spielberg asked Mr. Taylor and his wife, Valerie Taylor, to capture footage of a great white shark for ‘‘Jaws.’’  Spielberg used Mr. Taylor’s footage in a now-iconic scene in which the shark in the film tears apart a cage holding one of the main characters.


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