On this blog I post my personal observations about the movies I see and the books I read.  Just my opinions — feel free to disagree!

I have always been an omnivorous reader (an omnivorous eater, too, if that isn’t redundant — but that’s another and probably less interesting topic), motoring through (I am a very fast reader as well) whatever I happen upon.  Well, I do exercise some judgment and choice, but I am just as happy with my $1 finds at the library book sale as with the latest best-seller — and that will turn up at the library book sale eventually, anyway.   And I can always take those out with my library card if I can’t wait!

As for movies, I am fortunate to live within walking distance of one of the region’s best independent theaters.  It has been meticulously restored to its Art Deco glory, and the big screen is still in use.  They did make a second big screen out of the balcony area, but the balcony experience was never my favorite anyway.  I like to sit close, and I usually don’t have competition for those seats.

There are two other theaters — one a steeply raked 45-seat medium screen, and one an intimate 14-seater with upholstered (faux leather) armchairs instead of theater seats.  It was a 17-seater till they changed to the chairs, which I don’t like much.  The backs are lower than theater seat backs, so you can’t really lounge comfortably.  And the holes in the arms don’t take the popcorn cups, so you have to juggle that.   Speaking of popcorn, they use real butter, and it is fresh-popped, often while you watch.  They’ve even started serving beer and wine, but I have yet to indulge.

On the whole,  I am very fond of my local moviehouse, and I visit it every chance I get.  I see most of the movies that play there — I have skipped the ones that are about war, for the most part.  We don’t get the blockbusters — Woody Allen is about as big as they get — but I have seen a lot of really good films that I probably would not have known about if they hadn’t come to my neighborhood.


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